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Cave tour

We encourage you to visit an amazing location and to come on one of our Cave Tour. We will give you the gear you need (helmet, headlamp, kneepads, and gloves) and the guides to teach you how to cave safely for the protection of you and the fragile cave environment, how to navigate in a cave, and show you many of the beautiful things the underground world has to offer.

This is a true cave experience, something that is often referred to as “spelunking” and we would be thrilled if you came with us to crawl, climb, push, and pull your way through the rocks. This is not a public cave, meaning that you won't encounter other groups and the professional speleologist will offer your a unique private experience.

Slide down the rock into an amazing world of limestone, stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes and often see cave crickets and bats right in the entrance!
  • Explore the underground amazing area.
  • Educate you on your unique surroundings.
  • Walk in and out of the underground lake.
  • This is a nice option for families who have never been underground.
  • Tour is suitable for beginners.


Duration: 4 hours
Availability: All season
Group Size: Max 6
Departure Time: 09:00 am
Ends in: 01:00 pm