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Mountain Bike

Join this mountain bike adventure! Parnonas mountain is the perfect place to spend some time outdoors on a mountain bike tour loaded with flowy, purpose-built single track through dense forests and beautiful landscapes. The tour includes lots of fun singletrack trails and dirt roads rolling through chestnut forest and grassy meadows. Creating the perfect environment for an unforgettable mountain bike experience.

Mountain biking makes you smell the fragrant lupine covering the mountain slope, makes you feel the wind, see the perfect sunset. Truly priceless, it makes you want more.  
  • Ride over hidden singletrack.
  • Experience the grandeur that is nature in all seasons and ride through peak foliage in the forests.
  • Visit the unique chestnut forest.
  • Make a stop for a hand made Greek coffee on the way.
  • Taste traditional recipes at old village main square.
Duration: 4 hours
Availability: All season
Group Size: Max 6
Departure Time: 09:00 am
Ends in: 01:00 am