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Wine Roads

Your wine tour in Nemea area will be filled with extraordinary, memorable experiences. Join an exclusive behind the scenes program and discover how wine is made, from grapes to glass. Experience the Nemea harvest first hand and taste the first growths such as Agiorgitico famous variety in all its possible versions: red or rose, fresh or aged, sweet or dry and even sparkling. 

Ancient Nemea is famous from the legendary Lion which was the first task that King Eurystheus asked of the demigod Hercules during the myth of the Labours of Hercules. In this tour you will follow the steps of Hercules among vineyards and you will also visit the site of the ancient stadium, the temple of Zeus and the archaeological museum. 

Enjoy tastings at the very top wine estates, fascinating local sightseeing on the steps of the Legendary Hercules.
  • Walk around the famous vineyards of Nemea area.
  • Visit a bistrot, relax with white wines, rosy creations and explore the red labels.
  • Meet the remarkably versatile grape variety, Agiorgitiko.
  • Visit the Ancient Nemeas stadium and the Temple of Zeus.
  • Enjoy local recipes which perfectly match with fresh Agiorgitiko wine. 


Duration: 6 hours
Availability: All season
Group Size: Max 6
Departure Time: 09:00 am
Ends in: 03:00 pm